Random nonsense

Fire Alarm Madness

First I tossed and turned in bed last night for about 2 hours before i fell asleep. After losing 2 hours of sleep, i was rudely awakened an hour before my alarm went off by the Bohn Hall fire alarm. at 5:00 am

"You've got to be freaking kidding me"

But what i thought would only be 10 mins – 30 mins as usual, turned out to last for 3 hours!

The previous flickr post was made in good spirits, but alas we were homeless. And we were also showcased on channels 11, 4, and 7 news this morning. Because for the first time in a while, we actually had fire trucks report to a fire!

Yes, apparantly the 7th floor was filled with black smoke, and the emergency sprinklers did go off, so no word yet (that i've heard) about the condition of peoples things on the 7th floor.

But finally after 3 hours, i was able to get my things, and go to work. A great start to a great day!

(notice the personal nature of this post, meaning that it relates to me and not technology :-D)


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