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Kingdom Hearts II: Gimme Gimme Gimme!

No, i haven’t played it yet. But the commercial gives me chills, just like the first KH commercial did. Though, the real magic of the first commercial, was the theme they chose, set to the footage, followed by all the disney characters, and the voice over “You never know who you’re going to run into next”. Oooooo. Can’t say that i am a fan of KHII’s Theme music in the commercial, or at least, as big of a fan as i was of the original KH theme.

I can’t wait to play this version. Steamboat Mickey will be there! Tron! Its going to be so kicking.

I never got the urge to beat the GBA one though. And i understand the GBA version is a parrallel sequal or something, between KH and KHII. I never got into the whole Card/Action/RPG thing. If you want to make a card game, give me a card game. Otherwise the game was more work than it was fun in my opinion.

But hopefully I can fully enjoy KHII when i finally get it, without having previously beaten KH Chain of Memories.


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