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The Downside to IT

I really like working at the IT dept. But ever since I started, a few things have bugged me. But one in particular for today, is the fact that the full-timers there (except for my supervisors) think they know everything.

For example, the other day, a woman had scheduled a media training thing or whatever in one of the class rooms on the 5th floor. So, to get into the room, she had the front desk call the helpdesk (me) to send someone out to open it. So i went to the training people to ask if room 50xx (whatever it was) was supposed to be opened.

The lady i talked to had no idea there was a training thing going on today, and gets all up in my grill, saying "there's no one using that room today, who told you that?". Finally she asks the lady in the VERY NEXT CUBICLE about the same thing, and she says "oh yeah, (whatever the lady's name was). Is she outside?" and then the first lady goes "see, that wasn't hard". What do you mean? You're the one who didn't know what was going on in YOUR OWN DEPT.

Next example is one of the full time desktop people, Matt. He's a cool guy, but when ever I ask him about someone who's calling he'll go "Who? If i haven't heard of them, then it's nobody" or something like that. And sure it's cute and all the first few times, but i don't think that's the attitude that Stacia (my boss) wants in the helpdesk regarding the clients.


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