Random nonsense

Red Bull gives you w-i-i-iiings!!

Last night, Oh Man!

Lets start at the beginning.  I had some lunch in the middle of the day, and to drink, i went out into the garage to get a soda, when i saw my case of Red Bull from the end of the fall semester.  So i said to myself "Whoa, its been a while, so why not?"  I ended up saying the same question to myself at around 8pm when mike came over.

And it wasn't even a placebo effect.  Like the first few times you drink Red Bull, you expect to feel like "WIIIIINGS!!!"  but you don't.  But, when you drink 2 without even thinking about it, you DO get that feeling, and it doesn't even hit you at first.  I think it hit me when i started SINGING the guitar solo to Metallica – Master of puppets, when I said "HOLY SHIT!  I'm Hyper LOL"

I'm pretty sure i was really freaking annoying to Dave, Mike, And everyone on Halo 2 last night lmao.  So I'm sorry guys.  And I'm pretty sure the words "I'm gayer than springtime tonight" came out of my mouth.  I'd hate to see what 2 red Bulls and some alcohol would do to me (GEEZE!!)  lol. 

But something about a 5 piece chicken nugget from wendy's made me crash.  and at around one, after listening to Mitch Headburg, everyone left, and i calmed down.  So i played Big Team Battle until about 4am, watch south park, and went to bed.

Now i have to do my calculus project today.  Almost the end!!!  And I need to call ticketmaster about my tickets they never gave me soon, lol. 


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