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Bamboozle 2006 + Spring Semester Recap + Some Blog Update

Well Bamboozle 2006 was this weekend. This was the first year they switched to an outdoor venue, due to the sheer size of the crowd there. I was always quite fond of Asbury Park, not only because of its historical and nostalgic feeling, but because it was on the beach, and we could get Nelly's pizza afterwards 😛

Saturday was nuts. Saw most of the bands on our list. At Armor for Sleep though, some girl fell down in the pit, and it looked like she was having a seizure. The Medical tents were getting alot of action this weekend. Then Fall Out Boy was packed because everyone who came that day pretty much came just for them. If you look at the pictures, they are small and blurry because it was dark, and we were a Long ways away from the stage.

Sunday, Mike and Danielle came with us, so we could each go to bands we wanted to see. The guy from Emanuel had strep throat so that was kind of dissapointing. At Underoath, the crowd was fucking nuts. The pits kept forming, and the crowd surfers kept comming. One hit me directly in the back of the head, and sent my hat flying. And some stupid girl picked it up and threw it, because Throwing stuff IS SOOOOO COOL. Anyways, i spent the rest of the set watching it being thrown around until the end when i found it on the ground amoungst ripped up posters and other crap.

Method Man got an awesome crowd response. I stuck around for a while before Mike and I went to see a band he wanted to see, Fall of Troy. Then VAN STONE!!!!! BEst preformance of all weekend hands down!! THey are an 80's Metal Revival / Theatric Joke Band. Meaning they like to use props during their songs, and make the whole things funny. I ordered the CD yesterday morning off of their website, so I can give it out once it gets here. In the meantime, check out their Myspace, or their Website.

Panic! At the Disco was a little dissapointing for me. I have always loved their CD, But their live perfomance and their CD performance were very different just because the CD version is so post produced. Maybe I was just expecting too much, or I didn't stick around long enough. H.I.M. Was also dissapointing. The guy just stood there and sung, and didn't move around at all. I was also dissapointed that he was wearing a suit and tie, because if you are familiar with his videos and CD covers, he usually doesn't.

A.F.I. and Taking Back Sunday closed the night, and they were Awesome! Mike was dissapointed that A.F.I. Played mostly only their latest CD, but I didn't mind. Then Taking Back Sunday was amazing. Then one kid from the audiance climed the Parking Sector lamp post thing that lets you know where you park. He got so far up, i was sure he was just going to stay there and make the Fire Dept. get him down. But he got down ok, only to be arrested lol.

A great weekend. Check the Pictures.

As for the end of the semester, I was officially finished Yesterday. But I stil have one more shift to work tonight, and then I can pack up and move out. We leave for Orlando on thursday, so i have a day to relax and chill out. I will probably spend it going to the mall anyways, because I need new shoes, but i didnt want to get them before Bamboozle lol.

And a quick blog update, I added a module for My Bloglines Blog Clips. So now you can check out the stories that I find interesting.  ALso if you haven't noticed yet, My URL is a direct link to the About Me page.  I figure that it would be nicer to have a kind of cover page for people who stumble across my URL on Myspace or Facebook and such.  If you want a direct link to the blog, you can find it here.  RSS feeds shouldn't be affected.


3 responses

  1. Yah man, HIM suck live. Their music is alright, if you’re into that kinda stuff, but live, as hannah so elequently put, “they blow”. lol Ville Valo can sing, but he cant perform to save his testicletoris.
    Dood i fucking love Underoath. Fcukng H4RDC0R3 biatch!
    Good shit.
    Awww man.. i was looking forward to knowing what emanuel is like live 😦
    Hmm. Friends of mine went to see P!ATD and said they were awesome. *shrug* then again they were drinking at the show lol.
    Good snizz tho.
    hopefully over the summer we mite be able to catch some cool gigs 🙂

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006 at 3:44 pm

  2. Bernadette

    panic! at the disco was awesome…you just weren’t close enough/didn’t stay long enough to see the beauty of their performance. seriously, majority overrules you on that one babe…

    as for the thing not being at asbury park, it was not due to the size of the crowd. it was because bruce springsteen who is mr. nj/is in love with asbury park didn’t want the show to be there because “we mess it up” after bamboozle. at least that’s what your idol, mr. van stone said.

    Wednesday, May 10, 2006 at 8:11 pm

  3. Ew… bruce springstein…

    Sunday, May 14, 2006 at 12:18 pm

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