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Hold the Relish

Hold the Relish

Originally uploaded by The Twosome.

Horray for Hot Dogs! Happy 4th of July (Yesterday)


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  1. sylvia

    Hello, my display name on Myspace is Truther IV. Myspace has deleted my whole account 4 TIMES NOW. My page is dedicated to exposing the fat cats who run this country. there is nothing offensive or vulgar on my page, and i talk to everyone in a corgial professional manner. Yet, they continue to delete my page the minute my friend count reaches 100. They are censoring me and i don’t know how to make them stop. My most recent page i put up, i can’t log into anymore. It says my e-mail address does not exist, but it does. My page is still up but i have no access to it at all. Does anyone, anywhere know how i can get my page back?!? Myspace sucks, that’s why i switched to sitespaces.net. Way less popular but without Rupurt Murdoch’s censorship and dictatorship at hand. Peace and love to all!

    Wednesday, July 16, 2008 at 3:39 pm

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