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Thoughts of changing my major

So I have been having some serious thoughts about changing my major. Right now I am a CS major, but the further I get into it (Especially this Software Enginering class) , the more I think to myself “this doesnt feel like something I want to do for the rest of my life”.

However, the more and more I work at IT, the more it feels like something I enjoy doing. Which is why i am having some serious thoughts of changing to an IT major, and a CS minor.

So far I have made 5 semesters twords my CS major. I can put that into a CS minor so that its not totally wasted, and if / when I declare an IT major, I will already have 2 core classes down.

I have yet to talk to my advisor about this, but I am already convinced that it’s what I want to do. Once i can actallytake classes twords my major that I enjoy, I could actually step up my course load.

What I will most likely do, is register on Friday with CMPT 285 which would finish the CS minor, and CSIT 110 which would start the IT major.  So whan / if I make the switch, I will be all set.


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