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Television Channel Confusion.

I’m sure this is my third post on this topic. But everytime I see it happening, i have to say something.

Television started with the main networks. CBS, ABC, NBC and so on. Then cable companies said hey, lets charge people for extra channels. Thats how specialized networks such as CNN, MTV and The Weather Channel were born.

But then those networks said, “Hey, people are watching. Lets get some shitty shows on our network that don’t nessicarily pertain to our target audiance”. That’s when Cartoon Network started showing Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Sci-fi started showing ECW Wrestling, and G4 started showing Star Trek and Fastlane.

What the hell? Forgive me if I am wrong, but ECW is not nessicarily Science Fiction (you can argue about it being fake all you want, but it hardly has anything to do with science). Fastlane doesn’t have anything to do with Video Games, Or technology last time I checked. It wasn’t even that good of a show. All this crap does is make the “Specialized” Networks more watered down, and make me less inclined to watch.

This is part of the reason that i have stopped watching TV all together. Pretty much I will only watch Adult Swim, Family Guy on Sundays, and South Park if I remember it. So I am sure that there is alot more of this crap showing up on “Specialized” Networks these days. Leave some in the comments that disgust you.

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