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Why I dislike HDR

http://www.flickr.com/phoåtos/stuckincustoms/310074290/First some history. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range. It is a method of composing multiple pictures of the same subject ontop of one another in order to draw out enhanced colors. It requires the use of an additional photo editing program. And in my opinion, it is just an alternative to photoshopping a picture.

As a photographer, the reall art and skill in photography is capturing the moment as it happens, not altering it later. Which is why I never really liked HDR when it first became popular on flickr. Sure, they look pretty, but I would consider it more of a graphic art, and not a photographic art.

Now it has started to penetrate sites like digg, and its starting to get to me. “Ohh HDR skyline image.” yeah, its got nice colors, but you can’t bring those out without editing the photos.

I’m not hating on HDR. I like the way alot of them look, and I like the way alot of other people photoshop their pictures. But I seem to favor a more natural photography. Just point, tweak, and click.


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