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Network issues on campus

The claims that our campus’s networking hardware is near it’s end is starting to become visible. I’ve always had crappy internet when I lived in Bohn Hall. But this is getting out of hand.

The Thursday before spring break I was questing in World of Warcraft with Rhiannon, when all of a sudden I was disconnected from WoW. It was late so I didn’t think much of it, but I later learned that WoW was completely inaccessible from the MSU network. Yet I had no problem playing from home.

Now that I am back on campus, I tried to play again in Russ on Sunday night. I was able to play fine, but yesterday was a different story. I could login for a few moments, but every player and list wouldn’t load.

Sure the games are bad. I’ve heard issues about Asheron’s Call from my lab parter, to people calling the Helpdesk with issues in Star Wars Galaxy. But recently its begun to effect me at work.

Yesterday I had a call where the solution was to download a 20MB file from the Novell website. At 10 mins+ per download to 8 computers, you can imagine that it took up more time just waiting for the file to download than it should have.

Another call I had yesterday, I received an [all students] email from a client who’s computer I was working on. Upon closer look, I noticed the email was timestamped at 9am, and I received it at 4pm. (It’s a series of tubes!)

Here is how MSU’s Wireless Broadband Network clocks in with a test from Speedtest.net

Pathetic. Watching the download speed it didn’t even tick above the 256k mark, the Very first mark!

I know MSU finds itself in a financial table vice at the moment, but this is ridiculous. The MSU ISP should be considered a utility at this point, because it is vital to the operation of this campus. And speeds like this are just embarrassing and are hurting the university as a whole.


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