Random nonsense

My time with halo 3?

So the other night I was reading this post saying to check my bungie.net inbox for a halo 3 multiplayer beta Halo 3invite.  So to make a short story short, I did, and now I’m in the halo 3 beta!

So far I think the coolest thing is the gravity pump.  I miss-understood this when I read about it earlier.  Its a place-able gravity pump, similar to those in halo 2, but you can put it anywhere you want.  Meaning storming bases will never be the same again, and glitch jumping is going to get a whole lot more interesting.

The old new battle riffle is actually really cool.  The new sound is a lot more satisfying.  And the new award system is pretty cool.

The one thing I am missing, and I am surprised that they changed was the logo system when you use it to identify your team mates on the HUD.  Now we have these 3 character alphanumeric codes that don’t mean much because everyone keeps them random.  If anything I think bungie should combine the codes and the logos on the HUD.


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