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The true reason for Folding

I used to always leave my computer on over night just to have my IM away message up so that I would catch any messages people tried to send me.  But of course, it never happened, and I would feal guilty for wasing all that power it took to run my computer while doing absolutely nothing with it.

But, with Folding@Home, not only do I feel great knowing that my cycles are helping valuable research, I can leave my computer on guilt free, knowing that my power consumption is for the greater good.

Thanks Folding, for enabling my internet addiction!


One response

  1. My excuses are:

    1. Backups – every Monday is a backup day
    2. Torrents – they download while I work
    3. Print Server – I used to have the “good printer” connected to my machine so if anyone in the house wanted to print to it during the day my machine had to be on

    Not as noble and selfless as Folding but good enough for me. LOL

    Monday, August 27, 2007 at 10:59 am

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