Random nonsense

The beggining of spring, the end of break

As I came home tonight, I lit my cigarette and had some time to meditate. I realized that tonight, my break had climaxed, and that it was time to go back to school tomorrow. And I think for the first time in a while, I enjoyed my break fully. I remember the last few times I just came home and hung out with mike the whole time. We would spend the whole time getting high off of soda and Dominos and playing video games all week.

But then as I paced my street I began to realize how much my neighborhood has changed. I remember when we used to have bike races on my street. I had courses planned in my head and everything. I remember building sweet ass bike ramps while we blasted The Offspring. Yeah we were badasses.

I remember when the Cambel-Massa’s lived across the street with me. The one kid was a punk but it was still cool to hang out with him at recess and whatever. I remember when we used to play touch football and half court basketball. Holy shit, butts up anyone?

I remember when instead of the Grants living there, it was a family with the last name “Gaylords”. They had a little pug that they would tie to the tree and we would always go over and play with it. I remember when Mark Demillio was my best friend, and we would always hang out after school and play Ken Griffy Jr. Baseball on SNES. I remember when Goldeneye was the must have multiplayer title.

And then I put out my cigarette and came inside. Times change I guess, but I have to admit those were some good days my friends.

Tonight kicked ass.


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