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An open letter to all who use the University Hall main elevators

The main elevators in University Hall run from floors 1 – 7.  The main staircase runs from floors 1 – 4.  Why is it that some people see the need to take the elevator from 1 – 2?  Seriously?  It’s one floor.  There’s even a landing on the main staircase halfway up, so you can catch your breath.  3 and up I can understand, that’s a lot of stairs, but 1 – 2?  COME ON!

I mean, if you have a broken leg, or a rolling backpack, I can understand.  But half the time I see people who are perfectly capable of climbing stairs just waiting at the elevators, only to take them one story up!  I mean I tend to be a lazy guy, but I know when it’s appropriate to take the elevator, and when it’s not.

Also, why is it that some people wait like 3 minutes for an elevator to take it 5 – 4?  Or 5 – 3 even?  Gravity is working with you people!  Going down the stairs is just like walking, only when you are done, you’ve descended in vertical space!


One response

  1. Amen.

    Tuesday, March 25, 2008 at 2:03 pm

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