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RE: Montclair State Citadel Criticism

So I’ve been receiving a lot of flack about my last entry. Unfortunately most of it is about the composition of the pictures, instead of the content. Yes they are over exposed. With all the excitement of the day, and everything, I forgot to take the ISO down from 1600. I can bring the shadows out in photoshop before they go into the paper, but yes, it was bad photography. I admit it, so you can all eat my shorts now. Hindsight is 20/20 folks.

The entry was merely my take on the whole situation. Yes it was excessive, but if they were really expecting something (and not just showing up for time and a half pay) they should have been guarding the 2 entrances that I was able to “infiltrate” successfully. Nobody will ever announce their attack on a school like this. VT was a complete surprise, and so was Columbine and everything else. I really think this was more of a show for the media, than an actual lockdown of campus.

I should have been a primary suspect, because I have a class in the room that the note was left in. So why wasn’t I searched, and why was I able to walk off of campus and back on again with no body stopping me? And the campus IDs don’t mean shit from a glance. They stopped putting the semester stickers on them a few years ago, so now you can’t even tell if the person is a valid student or not. My ID is the same one I first got 4 years ago, who is to say that I haven’t graduated already and was coming back to extract revenge?

Bottom line is, yes it was a lot of force and a lot of guns for a very uneventful day. But the administration knows the campus map just as well as us undergrads, and yet I was able to find big gaping holes in the “stepped up” security. It shouldn’t have happened.


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