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I am Ironman

So I saw Ironman last night at midnight. A kick ass flick, but I’ve come to realize that I have the same issue with every superhero movie.  And that is the first film’s tedious origin plot.

Yes, we have to introduce Tony Stark for those few friends that went with you not knowing anything about Ironman. OK, I get that. Then we have to introduce Ironman’s powers abilities, for the same reason. OK. Then we have to sit through Tony Stark building not 1, but 2 suits? What?

Yes, most of the excitement in this movie is seeing the suits in action for maybe 10 – 15 mins after watching him build them for like 45 minutes. Which is definitely kick ass, these fight scenes rock. But watching Robert Downy Jr. play with a welder and screw driver for 60 mins isn’t really mind blowing.

I guess this just sets it up for the sequels, and makes you want to see them that much more. Because every movie after the origin, will always have loads and loads of fighting. Which really, is the heart and soul of the superhero movie. It just kind of sucks that we have to wait that long to get some real meat out of the movie.

And make sure you stay until after the credits. You will NOT be disappointed 😉


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