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So I recently re watched all of the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV show (minus the last two episodes, ill go back and suffer through that later) and movies. This show was always a mind bender, but I’m trying to finally wrap my mind around the show’s concepts and story. What I am finding is really great.

The story really makes a lot more sense when you read some of the wikipedia pages. Honestly I wouldn’t have gotten this stuff on my own. Not to mention they go into detail about the religious inspirations and “The Hedgehog’s Dilemma“.

But I have a problem with these new movies. Basically they are re-telling the story of the original TV show, with a brand new animation cut into movie sized chunks. And after watching the first one I have to say, No. The animation looks sweet, and the fights look even more badass, but the story is just cut and shown so fast, that I dont think it can make an sense unless you really watched the TV show. And by that I mean like I did, just sit down and really grind this thing out. Not to mention that they butchered one of my favorite angel battles (the giant pyramid). It kind of works as a supplement to the TV show, but again they are differing from the original story in some places, as well as adding new characters and angels (not in this movie, but according to wikipedia they plan to). How does that work?

I still don’t get how the second impact is named as such. How the hell is the moon the first impact? There was no egg or angel right? WTF? And do the ever explain what SEELE and NERV stand for? Seriously, for every question you get answered about this show, there are like 10 more that go unexplained.


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  1. I think the first impact was when a meteorite hit the primordial earth and broke it apart forming the moon. There is actually an actual scientific theory which postulates that’s how we got our moon anyway. The meteorite was the Black Moon and it carried Lilith.

    Second impact was caused when Adam was found in the north Pole and humans attempted to extract or contact it. It’s called the second impact because the cover up story claimed that the great explosion that shifted Earth’s rotational axis was caused by an asteroid impact moving to fast to be detected using conventional methods.

    All this info is scattered throughout the show, and the movies, manga and video games. Wikipedia does a great job organizing all this knowledge. 🙂

    But yeah – the Rebuild of Evangelion to me felt a bit like Star Wars Special Edition – same old thing with new special effects. One of the goals of this project was to make Evangelion more approachable to new fans – but after watching the first installment I’m under the impression that the knowledge of the series is almost “required” to enjoy it fully.

    Oh well… I’m still excited about the Rebuild project – especially since it seems they will significantly deviate from the original story. I can’t wait to see where are they going to take it this time.

    Thursday, May 15, 2008 at 10:33 am

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