Random nonsense

A random update of sorts

So all this week I have been home all alone because my car was getting fixed.  My mom and sister were in Syracuse, and I had no way of getting to work, so I had nothing but World of Warcraft, Kamen Rider, and my cigarettes to keep me sane.  Finally got my car back today and it’s still acting up.  Also, in the course of “fixing” it, my radio reset itself and now I can’t find the security code.  Great.

I geeked out for a bit yesterday, and installed ubuntu on the broken PC.  I love how linux handles the NIC flawlessly, while windows continues to not acknowledge it, even after running the driver install.  Thanks Microsoft!  Even got it to share the printer with my Macbook Pro, which is great!

Tonight was really the first social interaction I’ve had all week, which was interesting.  Photo editing the yearbook will be kind of cool.

Tomorrow I am off to Atlanta for my cousin’s wedding.  So follow me on twitter if you care about those kinds of things.  By the way, if you don’t have a twitter account at this point (which means everyone but Elyse), then you are officially behind the times.  Facebook and blogs are like so 2 years ago.  Get with the times already!

I got the new Weezer CD today, along with the bonus tracks (not all of them, only the 4 US tracks and one of the UK tracks).  I love how every time they make a new album, I am reminded of how hard they rock!  I plan on listening to this while I wait for my plane tomorrow.  Apparently they play around with roles in this, with Rivers playing drums on at least one of the songs.  Should be interesting.

Other things?  Kamen Rider Hibiki has changed my life.  No really, it has struck me.  I love how a dumb kids show from japan that revolves around transforming super heroes and fighting demons can have such a powerful message in between all that.  I think it really has helped me with what I have been feeling lately.  If you watch only one imported japanese tokusatsu series, make it hibiki.

What else?  Call me sometime?  I’m free most weekends, and usually bored.  Need to see some old faces this summer


2 responses

  1. I texted you today
    but youuuu didnt text back you big homo!
    ill be chilling in the city 2omoro all day
    probs goin mall in the evenin
    call me

    Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 12:18 am

  2. new weezer sux.
    just dled it.
    its boring.
    they shoulda stopped with the green album..
    theres like one and a half songs that are halfway decent.
    Pork and Beans is blatantly the best song on the album.
    It’s the closest theyve ever come to being able to recreate the genius that is the blue album which imo is their best album ever.
    Sadly I don’t think they have it in them to be that good again.

    Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 1:24 am

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