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Which came first..?

The chicken or the egg?  No, similar question though.  I ask you which came first, lust or love?  I’ll speak in terms of man and woman, but you can switch them around as you see fit.

If the story of Adam and Eve is correct, than it was god who told man to love woman, and thus love came first.  But, if Mankind grew out of monkeys, than which came first?  Obviously the insticts of animals that we still hold today are for the mother to protect it’s young and for man to further the species, and so forth.  So if this is true, than lust came first?  And if this is the case, where did love come from?

Is love an invention of man or is it a characteristic of man?  Is it something that we posses and we gave a name to, or is it something that we talk about that maybe isn’t there?  Can love exist without lust and vice-versa?

What is the science of love?  Obviously we have cracked the science of lust.  It’s a reaction of chemicals in the brain.  And love is the same way is it not?  But where is the line drawn?  Is there a line?  Is love a subset of lust or is it the other way around?

These are just stupid hypotheticals, but feel free to share your thoughts, I’d like to hear them.


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  1. Love is chemistry + learned behavior + abstraction. We are merely animals with big brains and so we are able to give names to our base mammalian instincts we inherited from our ancestors. Through socialization we learn how to act on them or suppress them when needed. And we attach abstract meanings to them.

    It is funny how we always look deep into everything and try to find the intangible, mysterious meaning – something that lies beyond our senses and beyond our understanding. Man is the only animal with a brain hard-wired for mysticism and religion.

    This of course doesn’t make love any more beautiful. In fact it makes it more amazing. There is a funny symmetry here. We can figure out the biological basis for this feeling, we can map the neural pathways responsible for it. But when we feel it we just *know* there is more to it.

    Love != lust though. You can love your mom, your dog, your home town. In different ways of course, but we use the same word for all these feelings. It’s all chemistry and biology though.

    We are nothing more than hairless monkeys with overactive imagination. Believing anything else is an affront to reason. And we must firmly hold onto reason because it is what guides us in this world. Faith, on the other hand transcends reason and allows us to leap look further. But you must hold both in your mind – tangible, and intangible, factual and paradoxical. This is what makes us human. Letting one go to embrace the other leaves us half blind.

    So the story of Adam and Eve is both completely true and absolutely false at the same time. Love is purely chemical, and purely spiritual. Not a blend, not a 50-50 mix. Pure 100% of both at the same time. The beauty of this paradox is that it makes not sense, but then again it does. 😉

    In other words, the answer to you question is pretty much yes, no and maybe – all at the same time.

    Also, I didn’t have my coffee yet this morning so all of the above may just be ramblings induced by caffeine withdrawal. 😛

    Monday, June 30, 2008 at 9:30 am

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