Random nonsense


What is is about the holidays that breaks our routine only to make us look through old photos and think of the past?  When ever we are at my grandparents we always somehow get around to watching the old home movies of when I was little.

In my case, It’s always the past years online updates.  This year I went through my old Xanga (it’s still online if you desire) and thought of all the good times that were behind those entries.  Back when i used to document every aspect of my every day.  Sure it was lame to do it back then but now I can relive those days.

Right now I’m at my uncle Robbies house, to whom we donated alot of our old furniture and my moms old Honda after the hurricane.  Seeing all of these things is also bringing me back to the past.  Especially going out to dinenr in the old minivan.  I remember riding to school every day in that since the 7th grade.

I dunno, I’m kind of entertained by the past.  Everytime I have these looks back I’d like to think how much I’ve grown as a person.  When in reality I haven’t.  I’ve just grown physically to some degree.  But it’s still fun to see the old me in action, or at least his actions documented.

Do you guys do the same thing?


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